Practical information


The weather

The weather of Cap Skirring is idyllic for a very long period of 8 months a year, between October 15 and June 15 (followed by a gradual period of tropical rains in Senegal called "winter" or "Monsoon").
Our hotel is systematically closed during this time of year.

This delightful weather of over 320 days of sunshine per year is guaranteed and close to Europe (6 hours maximum flight from most major European capitals). Even with the heat, we breathe very well thanks to the breeze and permanent marine freshness brought by Easterly winds
We assure you of temperatures between 20 and 35 degrees depending on the time of year and between 25 and 30 degrees in the water of the ocean and that of our infinity pool.


As a precaution, we feel compelled to advise you to do preventive vaccination against yellow fever, tetanus and hepatitis A and B, as well as monitoring antimalarial treatment during your stay, especially as these vaccines will be useful for 10 years for all your exotic trips. We have however never known cases of malaria and other serious diseases since the opening of our hotel since more than 10 years.


Regarding the clothes you should bring, light cotton outfits that are most comfortable to wear with this type of climate. Remember do not forget to pack comfortable shoes to participate in our tours. Between December and February, the evenings are a bit cooler, so you have to remember to bring something to put on.


Senegal's currency is the CFA franc. € 1 is worth about $ 656. You can change your money at the front desk of our hotel and the shops in the village of Cap Skirring. You can also withdraw with your bank cards in the village. Traveller’s checks are outdated and are not valid in Senegal.

Electricity plug

Our outlets are 220 volts and the same type as in Continental Europe.

Jet Lag

Senegal is in GMT zone. The time difference is only one hour less in winter (tourist season) and two hours in summer compared to France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, ...